Our Mission: “To implement environmentally responsible and economically viable methods of energy production
that strengthen the host community”

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NEW!API Solar Lighting Systems - “A self–contained, environmentally safe lighting system.’
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SunnyRack™ – Solar Racking Systems
Alternate Power International Ltd. carries a range of Ontario made racking systems for your specific installations. We carry all different types of rackings for different pitches of roof including flat–roofs. Each racking systems are designed to be quick and easy to install without compromising your roof warranty .....
visit our website».

Solar PV Potentials for Homes and Farms
MICRO FIT for Home and Small Farm
The application window for MicroFIT has re-opened on August 28, 2013. All applications that did not received the contract when it closed on July 28 2013 are subject to receive the new rate under the MicroFIT version 3. In the new version, even though the rate has been reduced from 54.98 to 39.6 for all roof top installations, the solar system will still give you up to 12% return on investment.

Alternate Power has been in the Solar industry for over 18 years now, we are experienced and provide only high quality service. Contact us now so you can speak to one of our highly qualified solar sales professionals.

You can also visit the site at www.solarpvontario.com
NET METERING for Home and Small Farm
If you are getting tired of paying your high electric bills, why not consider a solar system under Net–Metering program. Net–Metering allows you to receive credit or bank in the unused power your system generated during the high power generation months and use it to offset future electricity costs.

Contact us now so you can speak to one of our highly qualified solar sales professionals.

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