Our Mission:
“To implement environmentally responsible and economically viable
methods of energy production that strengthen the host community”


LED Retrofit, Heating and Air Conditioning Savings, Energy Audits

Save On Energy bills through LED Lighting, Heating and Air Conditioning retrofit.

We provide turnkey service to our clients from audit, through installation and full rebate management.  Our energy audit team can go from the basics to full business review, to help you maximize your savings opportunity


Power Center, Net Metering, Off-Grid, Micro-Grid

Generate your own power, or strive for full independence from the grid.  API can take you from just producing power to lower your energy bills, all the way to gaining complete energy independence.

The API Power Center protects your home or business from power outages and allows you to offset your energy bills.


Strategies to use energy sustainability to increase profit & corporate image

We can help you design strategies to reduce your carbon foot print.  We are experts in carbon strategy, process improvement, carbon cap and trade and reducing your carbon tax exposure.

The less carbon you produce, the higher the value of your building will increase.

Our Commitments