Alternate Power International provides services to help you build a Net Zero Energy Home from design phase to completion of your project.  There phases are detailed below

Design Phase Services

  • Building envelope strategic review – Design critique with focus on local environment and energy use of home or commercial/industrial building.
  • Heat loss/gain calculation and modeling
  • Renewable electrical energy system design, engineering and permit drawings if needed (solar or wind)
  • Renewable thermal energy systems design and integration into building and processes
  • Provide guidance for reaching Net Zero build

Drawings and for Permit Services

  • Mechanical drawing services, to stamped permit drawings
  • Foundation drawings, with structural engineering stamp
  • Electrical system design and drawings, with engineering stamp
  • HVAC design (Forced Air and/or Hydronic) Permit ready.

Build Quality Control Services

  • Blower door testing services
  • Infrared camera thermal imaging services

Equipment Supply

  • Supply hydronic on-demand heating, solar thermal and piping system
  • Supply all solar electric turnkey packages to attain Net Zero
  • Supply full R50 building system components to contractors/builders

This menu of services allows the home owner or builder to pick and chose the services most needed to compliment their existing skills.  Each service will have a cost based on home size and scope of work.  Please contact us today to begin your journey to a low cost Net Zero home or business.

You can download Building Energy Services List here.