How would like to live the freedom and security of knowing that no matter what happens with weather, technical difficulties, or power pricing spikes, your family will have enough power to run all the basic necessities of your home?

That is what the API Power Center does for you.

This is a grid sensing, solar charging, intelligent power storage system for your home or business. The API Power Center is a state of the art power generation system that:

  • Acts like a backup power storage system for your house in case of grid failure
  • Intelligently runs your home loads during peak power rate times, to avoid those high power costs
  • Can save you money by putting power back into the grid under a ‘Net Meter’ program (Program registration required)
  • You can make money by being part of Demand Response program to help local power companies react to grid demands (Program registration required)
  • Has built in charge system and inverter system for handling solar panel, wind power, fuel cell or other power sources and will blend with your home power needs automatically
  • Meets all ESA and CSA requirements to be connected to the grid in North America

In short, this is the only system that will provide you and your family the energy security you deserve and is ready for new power generation technologies of the future.