Using power generation to lower energy bills,  reduce your reliance on power company, create energy independence, stability, and create green image for your business and yourself. All solar projects shown here can be applied for both businesses and homes.


Net Metering / Behind the meter generation

These systems use your business building or property surface area to produce energy on-site and reduce the amount you take from the grid.  These can be combined with energy storage to act as a backup system for your home or business.  This is the best first step towards full energy independence and minimizing your carbon tax.


Off Grid/Micro Grid Fully Independent Systems

Full energy independence! Imagine never paying for energy again. The API Power Center is the answer.

Whether you want to power your city home, remote home, or you are part of a remote village running off fossil fuel generators, these systems bring energy stability, independence and carbon reduction.



MicroFIT and FIT power generation for profit systems

If you want to have a system that generates power for you to sell to the electricity provider, these systems are for you.  In Ontario they are under the FIT programs, in other locations there are PPAs that create the revenue stream.  You cannot use the power from these systems, just get paid for the power.


We have worked to create great partnerships with superior quality suppliers of energy efficient equipment. Our energy efficiency technology partners include manufacturers and suppliers of Solar PV,  Inverters, Controllers and Batteries.

All ground mount and wall mount racking systems we use and supply to our customers are built in our facility in Barrie, Ontario.  Our racking products include Season Adjustable Ground Mount racking, Rigid Ground Mount racking systems and ballasted rooftop racking.  We can customize the racking for your applications.