Energy savings have never been easier.  Alternate Power International can provide you three ways to reduce your energy bills through Save On Energy program by IESO and LDC.  Take advantage of the incentives and the long term savings on your energy bills.  As well, by installing our optimizer, we guarantee a 10% reduction on your heating and cooling energy bills.


Lighting System Retrofit

Reduce energy usage by improving your lighting.  You will not only save money, you can also increase the lifespan of your equipment.

There are SaveOnEnergy program incentives for all our products.

Heating System Optimization

Heating System Optimization

Heating systems can account for a large proportion of your energy bill.  Optimize your gas boiler or Roof Top Unit (RTU) with our patented, easily installed optimizer.  We guarantee a 10% energy savings!

Air Conditioning Optimization

Air Conditioning Optimization

Cooling Systems can account for large proportion of your electricity bill.  Save electricity by optimizing your air conditions control system.  We can add our patented system to any Roof Top Unit (RTU) to save electricity.  We guarantee 10% energy savings!


We have worked to created great partnerships with superior quality suppliers of energy efficient equipment. Our energy efficiency technology partners include manufactures and suppliers of Control Systems, LED lighting, Heating and Cooling optimizations systems.

Because not all all businesses have the same need, we have selection of suppliers that allows us to create systems that will deliver optimum benefits to our clients.