SAVE ON ENERGY by Retrofitting Air Conditioning Roof Top Units (RTU)

Alternate Power offers a bolt on solution to Air Conditioning roof top units to increase energy efficiency.  Our product has a 10% energy savings guarantee.  It works will most brands of air conditioning roof top units.  See the actual savings our product has created (link to savings matrix).

If you business is air conditioned with a compressor based system (not chillers), we can dramatically reduce the electricity used by your system.  The typical ROI is 2-3 years for our control system addition and it does not affect any warrantee of existing equipment.  Since your equipment has less operational time, we also extend the life of your system by 10 -20%.

If you have a roof top unit for air conditioning your space, our control upgrade is readily fitted in a couple hours and also has a 10% guarantee of energy savings!

Contact us today to review whether you are eligible for the government incentive and start to save money immediately.