SAVE ON ENERGY by Retrofitting to LED Lighting

Take advantage of the Save-On-Energy program offered through the Local Distribution Companies across the province. Improve your bottom line, remove your inefficient lighting and replace them with LED light and watch your electricity bills go down.  By replacing your inefficient lamps, you will see up to 50% reduction on your lighting electricity bills.  This is a very small decision but makes a big difference to your profit, production, and building value.

We are experts in Retail, Commercial, Industrial, Multi-unit residential and Office Tower lighting retrofit.  Our full system approach to energy management and conservation gives property managers turnkey solutions for energy reduction.

Here are some of our completed projects in Barrie and Orillia areas.  To view on google maps the other locations click this link.

API provides turnkey solutions to all your LED lighting retrofit projects, from light audit to ensuring that you receive your incentive from your LDC. All our products has between 5 to 10 years warranty, and from 25,000 hrs to 200,000 hrs.


Electricity rates are rising yearly by 9% in Ontario and across Canada. In order to cope with this drain on revenues, the average business needs to reduce power usage and get wise about energy management. One of the fastest ways to reduce power is to upgrade your lighting systems to LED. Almost all provinces have lighting or LED incentive programs to help the average business save energy.

Why upgrade to LED tubes?

  • less power consumption
  • high efficiency
  • better illumination for less power consumption
  • significant longer life span
  • no mercury

The most common way to light office space is the 4ft fluorescent tube. Did you know that there are LED T8 and T12 tubes made to replace these bulbs? AND that the government is giving incentives to do it NOW!

We at API are experts at this business. Take a moment and walk around your office to count the number of bulbs in your ceiling. Then drop us an email and we can show you how much you will save every month.  You will also need to know approximately how many hours per day the lights are on.

Check out our projects and testimonials pages to see how our customers feel about us.  Let API take care of the whole process for you, whether you are a large franchise or a small business.  We are glad to help.