After you have started your energy retrofit program your business needs to look to the future.  We help design business strategies to ensure lower energy bills, carbon taxes and improve corporate citizenship.  A sustainable business has lower operating costs and higher profits.

We are experts in full systems review not just one area.  Integrated improvement leverage few changes over many systems to create sustainable value.


Carbon Cap & Trade

Energy conservation as a vehicle to reduce carbon tax.  Using corporate charity policy to create carbon offsets.  How focusing on carbon can lower operating costs and drive customer retention.


Deep Retrofit options for long term property value increase

Discuss the value of retrofit to the building value of your property assets. Retrofit as a tool to increase your access to borrowing capital.

Process changes that decrease energy costs

Forgotten areas of improvement where simple changes can lead to significant energy savings are employee and corporate process changes.  We can review current business process and identify places for improvement, mediate the change and spearhead the rollout.

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