MicroFIT and FIT power generation for profit systems

New MicroFIT Tariff Rate now in effect!

The Ontario government MicroFit program is a great way to invest in solar on your home. You can purchase your solar system and have a contract backed by the government for 20 years, to buy all the power your system produce. The current rate for a 10kW system is $0.294 and $0.313 for a 6kW system.

Below you will see some of our installs in the Barrie and Newmarket area.  These installs ranges from 8kW to 10kW.  All systems use a 10kW Solar Edge Inverter which allow monitoring of the system at the panel level.    To see more, click here

Assuming that you have a south facing roof space, with the new rate and our cost to install, you can still make up to 10% return on your investment.  The graph to the left shows yearly income projection of a 6kW when installed in the Barrie, area.

The new rate for 2017 which will take effect January 1, 2017 is now released. You can view it here.   Call us now to schedule a visit with our of solar professionals and take advantage of the opportunity to have a microFIT contract at a higher rate.

Please note that you cannot use this power during a power failure, for that type of system please check the API Power Center or Net Metering with battery storage.