OFF-GRID | MICRO GRID - Fully Independent Power Systems

Imagine never paying for electricity again, be subject to constant rise in electricity rate, power spikes and power outages.  Now, that is “Full Energy Independence” with peace of mind.  Living of the grid allows you to have full control of your utility future and live carbon free.


Regardless of the system size, the benefits gain from installing an off-grid system is the same all across different applications.

  • free yourself from constant rising electricity rates and never pay for electricity again
  • capital cost of setting up an efficient off-grid system may be lower than bringing in utility power, depending on the location of the nearest source
  • power availability where you want it, when you want it
  • carbon free, clean power

An off-grid or remote system requires battery system to store the power produced.  The cost to install an off-grid are more expensive since they need to store enough energy for cloudy, rainy, and/or winter days.  If the location is use all year round, the system must be properly engineered to be able to produce all the energy needed for the home/business even in the short day season (winter).  You may also want to have a backup generator onsite.

We use inverters, batteries and controllers that are high quality so that your off grid system is problem free for years.  When designing system for homes, we make sure that your system can be upgraded should you wish to add more power without losing your initial investment.


We can design any size of off-grid system specific for your application like Street Lights, Camps or Cottages, Trailers, Homes, Billboard Signs, Irrigation Pump or any remote applications where conventional power is not available.  Designing a system that is right for the customer’s application is what we do best.

If you are unsure which type of power generation system you will need, call us (705)431-2588, or send us an email to help you decide the best off grid solution for you.  We will work with you from deciding the type power generation to getting it in operation whether you choose to do the installation yourself or we provide you with a turnkey system.