These systems use your business building or property surface area to produce energy on-site and reduce the amount you take from the grid.  These can be combined with energy storage to act as a backup system for your home or business.  This is the best first step towards full energy independence, reducing your electricity bill and minimizing your carbon tax.

If you had invested in a net metering or off grid power system 8 years ago, you would have effectively made the equivalent of 9.5% on your investment by offsetting just the increase in electricity pricing.  Not including the number of times power failures caused revenue loss in your business.  On top of that you now have to address the potential costs of Carbon Cap & Trade taxes in your business.  Among other things, they will be based on your consumption of energy.  So now you can add the avoided costs of carbon tax to the payback of these systems.

Behind the meter (within your business only, not to grid) and Net Meter (Grid interactive) systems both reduce the amount of power you use and the carbon impact your business will be assessed.  This is in addition to isolating you from 9.5% per year electricity price escalations! Both systems allows addition of battery banks to ensure that you will always have power supply during power outage.

Unlike a MicroFIT system,  there is no restrictions imposed on where the solar panels can be installed,  roof or ground.  The size of the solar system is based on how much of your power usage you wish to offset.

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I already have MicroFIT system …

No problem. In Ontario, a net metering system can be installed on properties already with a microFIT or a FIT installed. This means paying your hydro bill to a minimum and at the same time getting monthly income under the solar programs.